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If there was ever someone who fit the term “larger than life”, it was James Garner.  Born James Scott Bumgarner, on August 17th, 1928, Garner was the beloved star of the western television show classic “Maverick” where he played Bret Maverick and the iconic detective James “Jim” Rockford on “The Rockford Files” as well as many other films roles throughout his decades long career. Garner passed away on July 19th, 2014 of a heart attack.

My fondest memories of Garner were from “The Rockford Files”.  He is my all-time favorite television detective.  He was tough, funny, sensitive, and determined.  I remember “The Rockford Files” having a unique and catchy intro as usually customers would call into his answering machine (He never seemed to be in his office to answer his calls.) where Jim would say he charged $200 plus expenses, and then the caller would leave a message.   If memory serves, this sometimes was used as an introduction to the episode.  If I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter.  It was a great show.

I will very much miss James Garner.  He is one of the people that I had always hoped to meet and work with one day.  James, thank you for all of the memories and being a part of our lives.  You will never be forgotten.



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