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Zero One – Full Movie

Year : 2010 Director : Kareem N. Gray Running Time : 1 Hour 40 Minutes Genre : , ,
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A group of independent filmmakers in North Texas banded together to begin principal photography on Kareem N. Gray’s Zero One (01-Zer01one), a science fiction thriller where the protagonist discovers a life-changing concept with global impact.

DEVON OWENS, a wizard in understanding and connecting the intricacies of the world of cyberspace, is convinced that hidden deep within the data streams of the Internet among the Zeros and Ones exist a mandate that explores the human condition in today’s digital world and beyond.

As he struggles with his own demons and concerns about the state of mankind today, he finds his own humanity in providing continuing knowledge to a program that yearns to understand the human race.

Because so many people see science fiction as a genre that is inaccessible or difficult to grasps, Gray opted to tell a science fiction story that was grounded in as much reality as possible and, in turn, make it fresh and new. Zero One tells the story of a man who has to make choices in order to save a world he may not truly want to save. Through his own self discovery, Owens realizes there are points of importance in the world far greater than those of one man.


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