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Year : Unreleased (2015) Director : James Powell Running Time : 1hr & 5min Genre : ,
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“Glass” Is a film about a young man, Atlas, and his continuous struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Seen through his eyes, his life is a puzzle he desperately tries to piece together. His condition deteriorates, loved ones are forgotten, and Atlas’s broken mind persuades him to love a girl from his past that may or may not exist. He forgets everything else but her.

This is a struggle that many people all around the world face every single day. We want to raise awareness and open minds with this film. This beautiful story of family, love, and illness is an unflinching look at early-onset Alzheimer’s like it has never been seen before. This delicate story combined with high quality writing, directing, and producing, will offer a vastly different way to perceive reality.

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