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in nomine Satan (in the name of Satan)

Year : 2014 Director : Emanuele Cerman Running Time : 1 hour and 36 minutes Genre : , ,
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in nomine Satan (in the name of Satan)

Based on a true story the film begins with the arrest of two persons (Antonio and Elena), caught by two Narc Agents. Antonio and Elena both in shock and stoned by a mix of drugs and alcohol.
These two young persons, admitted in hospital, both confess the murder of their friend Angela.
A brutal murder and devoid of logic that will lead investigators to suspect that the two killers were not alone. Investigators soon discover a reality completely unknown to them since then: Satanism. They will be dealing with murders and incitements to commit suicide. “In the name of Satan”” is a generation drama, also involving the society in which we are living.

BBC: “the most shocking event in Italy after the World War II

Italian theatrical release: April, 24, 2014

write to: innominesatanfilm@gmail.com

official page: https://www.facebook.com/innominesatanfilm

international trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1d8fxQYw-s

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