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John Gets Ahead

Year : 2015 Director : Stephen Ohocinski Jr. Running Time : 18 mins Genre : , , ,
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         John Gets Ahead is a story about a man who hasn’t grown up.  Completely stagnating in the repetitive malaise of his life, John (Better Call Saul’s Steven Levine) has all but given up.  He still works at his first high school job delivering newspapers and self medicating himself with liquor seems to only barely keep him sane.

         One day on his newspaper route, he spots a strange marble head in someone’s trash and takes it with him.  Drunkenly making conversation with it that night, John is surprised to hear it respond.

         Now with his new found friend Angela (Philly’s finest Heather Cole), can John continue business as usual?  Or will this new unseen force push him off the brink of sanity?


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