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The Ethereal Plane

Year : 2005 Director : Clarke M. Smith Running Time : Genre :
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Damon Taylor (Ron Rogell) stumbles upon the most important and dangerous discovery in the history of mankind – a time-altering device from another dimension. Pursued by relentless government-trained assassins, Damon must alter time to stay alive.

With the help of a stranger named Kayla (Elizabeth Gallo), Damon sets out on a desperate mission to try and alter the past, and save his friend Harrison (Gene Gabriel), who was brutally murdered in the future.

Winner as Best Narrative Feature at the 2004 BIG MiniDV Film FestivalĀ®, The Ethereal Plane is a unique sci-fi actioner with surprises at every turn.

Official site: The Ethereal Plane

Facebook: Facebook/The-Ethereal-Plane/101966591860

Company: TimeAxis Entertainment

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