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The Profesional

Year : 2015 Director : Taras Demian Groves Running Time : 120 minutes Genre : , , , , ,
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A true zero budget feature length trailer for “The Profesional” starring Adam Dada, Adam Honey, Nadia Serantes, Giovanni Spano, Paul Dewdney and Stuart Robertson.  A Taras Demian Groves Film.

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Set in London in a time when being a contract killer is a legal profession, a camera crew film the reclusive, enigmatic hit man, Eli Shepard, as he undertakes one hit.

The deeper both they and the audience delve into Eli’s callous and brutal world, the darker things become; as we encounter dangerous psychopaths, surreal relationships and extraordinary characters.

The Profesional, misspelled in connection to its themes of mistakes and the flaws that define us, is an ambitious and innovative zero budget feature film, made for no more than the price of a weeks shopping, that isn’t afraid to investigate the most important question of all: in an increasingly detached, apathetic society… how do you feel?

Any donations no matter how small would be appreciated and help us enter film festivals. For more info check out www.theprofesionalthemovie.com


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