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The Suite – Official Trailer

Year : 2015 Director : Richard Allen Running Time : 1 hr 42 min 38 sec Genre : , ,
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Famous investigative reporter Christine Sims, who is also the mysterious crime writer Lady C., checks in to her usual hotel suite where she is writing her latest novel. She comes to the hotel often but is rarely seen outside of her suite which can be attributed to her recluse celebrity behavior and her handicap due to a prior physical attack. She settles into her writing process fast and begins observing the hotel guest’s that can be seen outside her window. As she has before, Christine gives each hotel guest a nickname and begins to add them as characters to her crime novel. She gets interrupted from her writing when her publisher hires her a new assistant that she must get up to speed. Christine’s philandering husband, Captain Grant Simms, flies in for a surprise visit to woo her. Life inside and outside the suite seems to be picture perfect, that is until Christine becomes the witness of a murder that takes place outside her window. She suspects her husband to be the murderer and decides with her assistant Laura to investigate the crime instead of calling the police. After all, She knows it’s impossible to place the blame of a murder on someone if there’s no body or evidence to be found. Christine’s life begins to mirror that of her fictional heroin, Sully.

Written and Directed by Richard Allen
Cinematography by Joshua Schnose
Edited by Orion Armstrong
Produced by Allen and Gray Media Group
Music by Taran Gray

Samantha Rund as Christine “Lady C”
Joacim Nilsson as Grant
Laura Bedwell-Young as Laura
Daniel Wargo as Jake
Joy Hricko as Jean
Brian Barbarin as Eddie

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