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Year : 2013 Director : David Griffith Running Time : Genre : ,
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TimeLock is a suspenseful crime thriller about a botched robbery, a safe that won’t open and lives that have gone off the tracks.

“David Griffith’s TimeLock is a wonderful criminal mystery that reveals itself slowly. Characters are continually being revised as new developments unmask the depth of complexity for what is to come. Everyone, and everything, is connected in some way or another.” Mark Bell – Film Threat

“Engaging, menacing, stunning, memorable” Peter Swindon – The Courier

“Beautifully shot, gritty Scottish thriller” Kirsten Johnson – Mail on Sunday

The music to TimeLock was composed and performed by Scottish Album of the Year Award Winner 2013 RM Hubbert together with bass-hero, Howie Reeve and Rafe Fitzpatrick.

Timelock Official Website                             Timelock @ IMDB.com

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