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UNDERWOOD 2019 underwoodmovie.com

Year : 2019 Director : JOHN McLOUGHLIN Running Time : 94 minutes Genre : , , ,
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Underwoodmovie.com tells the story of a beautiful novelist named Samantha Rollins who embarks on a weekend retreat to a lakefront cabin in hopes of getting some peace and quiet, unaware that the cabin is actually occupied by an unhappy presence. While cleaning up the old dusty space, Samantha finds a trunk containing a collection of love letters, old photos, and an antique Underwood brand typewriter which she takes a liking to and cleans up for possible future use. Each night Samantha starts having the strangest recurring dream featuring the people in the photos that she found in the chest, revealing a story about something horrible that happened at the cabin many years earlier. As the dream progresses, Samantha gets closer and closer to revealing exactly who is responsible for the tragic event that transpired… and when she awakens each morning, her dreams from the night before have already been typed out and sit waiting for her on the table next to the old Underwood typewriter she found. It’s through her dreams that Samantha reveals the dark, half century old secrets of this cabin, though she has little time left to stop a hidden killer before becoming the next victim herself.”


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