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Untimely Love (Asamayik Pyaar) 2015

Year : 2014 Director : Kaylania Chapman Running Time : Genre : ,
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A young Indian man (Rohan) falls in love with a black Christian (Monica) woman. When their worlds collide and religious differences clash, will their relationship survive?

Written and directed by: Kaylania Chapman
Produced by: Altar Call Pictures, LLC.
Original Music Score (used with permission) by: Shyam Srinivasan

Grae Marino
Shahzaad Mohammed
Rakhi Chowdury
Subir Goswami
Anu Goswami
Tai Nelson
Matthew Connors
David Jackson
Marjorie Tingle
Devine Warren
Tai Nelson

Film website: www.untimelylovethemovie.com
Film Facebook: www.facebook.com/untimelylovethemovie
Altar Call Pictures website: www.altarcallpictures.com
Altar Call Pictures Facebook: www.facebook.com/altarcallpictures

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