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Watch My Movie Trailer is a free social networking site for independent filmmakers.

You can submit your film trailers and movies to be posted, post additional information about yourself or your projects, and connect with other professionals in the industry.

01.) SUBMITTING YOUR FILM TRAILER AND POSTER – To submit your film trailer, poster, and other information about your film, you must first register and confirm your account via the information sent to the E-mail account that you used to register.  Once your account has been confirmed, log in, click NEW, MOVIE and then add your trailer, poster, and other information you would like to share about your film.

…or simply click here to be taken to the New Movie template.

You can also send a message to the RebornArchive account and we will upload your poster and trailer or send us a link to where we can find them online. You can send a message via the automated attendant at the bottom left of the page.

YouTube and Vimeo videos seem to work best and most efficiently insofar as playing your trailer on Watch My Movie Trailer.  Other links/platforms sometimes need workarounds to get them to display properly.

02.) ADDING EXTERNAL LINKS -To add external links to your Watch My Movie Trailer page, if the link maker does not work automatically for you, use the following code, to put in a link to an external web site.  Place this under the “TEXT” tab of your movie control panel page:

<a href=”http://THE TEXT OF YOUR EXTERNAL LINK” target=”_blank”><strong> THE TITLE OF YOUR LINK </strong></a>

03.) Loading your trailer poster as a .png file tends to display it in a higher quality than with .jpg or other formats.

04.) Please use the Watch My Movie Trailer logo buttons to refer to link your film to us from other websites and promotional material.

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Thank you very much for using the site, and please share with your friends, family, and industry colleagues!