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DeanWhitneyDean Whitney, the director who brought you 2014’s cult hit ‘Ghostline,’ is busy developing his next project, ‘Aberrant’.  ‘Aberrant’ is a post-apocalyptic themed short film about a pandemic which results in some humans developing vampiric attributes.  A group of uninfected humans attempt to use a house for protection, not realizing that one of the vampiric people, having the same idea, is already inside the house.

The film stars Danielle Lozeau, Mike Brayden, Nadia Lanfranconi, and Mark Anthony Cox.  It is produced by Mark Benjamin and Dean Whitney.

‘Aberrant’ is partially being produced with the help of crowd funding.  If you would like to help, here is link to their IndieGoGo page:  Aberrant @ IndieGoGo

Here is a link to their fan page on Facebook:  Aberrant @ Facebook

Aberrant is expected to have a 2016 theatrical release.

The full trailer will be posted on Watch My Movie Trailer as soon as it is available.  Here is a link to the the ‘Ghostline’ Watch My Movie Trailer page: Ghostline @ Watch My Movie Trailer

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