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Q & A With

Les Mahoney


Q.) How long have you been an actor/writer/filmmaker and how did you get started in the industry?

A.) I started acting out of the blue in 2007, after having seen a friend do a little theater production—and although I had never done any drama or acting before, I jumped right in and found that I loved it!  I started from zero experience, and soon became a filmmaker, writing my own scripts and producing features—I am finishing my third feature this year!  It has been a wild ride.

Q.) Which actors/writers/filmmakers influenced you in your career and why?

A.) Well, I would say number one was Alfred Hitchcock—his films solidified my interest in film in general, and thrillers in particular.  He has such an acute eye, and his ability to tell a story visually is second to none, in my book.

Q.) What project or projects are you currently working on and what’s the status of it/them? Please tell us a little bit about it/them.

A.) Well, “At Granny’s House” is a thriller in the Hitchcock vein about a young caregiver, with a dark agenda, who moves in to help a little old lady.  It will premeier where it was shot, in Colorado, at the end of May, and then will hit the festival circuit.  http://www.grannyshousemovie.com/

“Available” is a spy thriller that we shot in the 8 locations in the USA, plus multiple locations in Germany and the Czech Republic.  It is a about a normal Midwest guy who receives an invitation from an old flame in Germany—it could be the trip of a lifetime, if he survives!   “Available” will be done this year, and then go into distribution.  http://www.availablethemovie.com/

“Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off” is a “comedy noir” film that has won awards, and is now showing on multiple platforms around the world.  Even for FREE on Snag Films:  http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/mike_case_in_the_big_kiss_off  check it out!

Q.) What is the best way that fans can help to support you with your film?

A.) LOST QUESTION 4 somehow, but here is the answer!

Well, always, watch our trailers and movies, and send us emails with their comments. Specifically right now, fans have a unique opportunity to support “At Granny’s House” on our kickstarter campaign.

In a world where theatre screens are controlled by big studios, you can give our indie film At Granny’s House​, a chance to succeed!


Q.) As an independent filmmaker what are the most challenging aspects of getting your films made?

A.) Well, getting funding, always!

Q.) What advice would you give to other aspiring filmmakers?

A.) The resources to make a film have never been more accessible—with a laptop, a hdslr camera and some editing software, a filmmaker can get started—so go out there and film!   Do NOT wait for someone to give you permission, just do it!

Q.) How do you think the current trend towards online steaming of films on the Internet will impact independent filmmakers insofar as film distribution?

A.) It is a brave new world out there, and it is very exciting, but it forces indie filmmakers to promote their own work—which some people are not happy about, or prepared to do.  But for those who are, or build good teams of people around them who are, the sky is the limit.

Q.) A few years ago, you were working on developing a film about a true story of a serial murderer that terrorized Los Angeles. Is that project completely shelved or are you still trying to generate interest in the project?

A.) “Dancing with Rip” is a crime drama inspired by the “Grim Sleeper” case in LA, and was written long before other recent projects that have come out.  It is a larger-budget film than I can self-finance, so my idea is to get my other films out there, and use them as a calling card to show investors what we can do.  Rip will happen, eventually—one recent actor, who works a lot, said that “Dancing with Rip” was the best script he had read in two years—so yes, it will get made!

Q.) What have been some of your favorite projects to work on over the years and why?

A.) Any feature film is an amazing journey, and I would point to my three features so far as highlights, because of the collaborative process they created.  I love working with other creative and watching stories unfold!

Q.) What is something that you would like to share with your fans that they might not know about you?

A.) I proudly spent 20 years in the US Air Force, and it provided a strong skill set for acting and filmmaking—from planning, organization, management and logistics, the USAF laid a great groundwork for my acting/filmmaking career.  That, and the tour company that I started in Mexico, which is still going strong after 15 years: http://www.coppercanyonadventures.com/

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