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Because We’re Thespians (The New Comedy Series)

Year : June 2014 Director : JohnRoland Prejean & Mark Ridley Running Time : Genre : ,
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Because We’re Thespians is an online dramatic comedy series that revolves around the lives of two high-school-age friends.

Charlotte Johnson (played by Hailey Lindsay) and Simon Carter (played byJordan Isaac) both desire to excel in their professions as thespians. Charlotte’s modest background as a bakery-worker with her co-worker Janet (played by Aria London), during after-school hours is the complete opposite of Simon’s lavish lifestyle that includes his own driver (played by Aaron Devon King) and a live-in maid (played by Penny Hodges). Despite their different upbringing, the duo becomes the best of friends and Simon eventually helps Charlotte become more confident in her acting and singing abilities as she evolves from her shell.  Together the pair end up taking on challenges including trying to convince Simon’s musical-producer parents (played by Keeland Ellis and Karmen Herring) that he and Charlotte are talented enough to be a part of their hit Broadway production. Dorian becomes suspicious of Charlotte, because he doesn’t remember her being… black. So, then, who is she?

But, one day when Charlotte Johnson has come into the donut shop to work, there is conflict, because although her name is Charlotte, so is another girl–one by the name of Charlotte Rose Singer (played by Rosebud Harrison). She is the one that Dorian remembers. Charlotte SINGER has overheard Charlotte JOHNSON saying that she was going to befriend Simon, just to meet his father, Dorian, and get him to cast her in his new musical. But, don’t forget, Charlotte JOHNSON was the one who met Simon at first, by accident: the bump, and she sees that it’s him. Why not be the one that gets to meet the dad … and she’s black? The only problem is that the girl Dorian remembers is white. Is Charlotte SINGER on a warpath, because she has lost her spot? So a war will happen: one or both may get the big audition.

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