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Year : 2014 Director : Brian Harris Running Time : 1Hr. 19mins Genre :
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ROOTZ   Synopsis

ROOTZ – Up and coming music producer Alex Jackson, an African American southern boy has recently produced his first multi-platinum album. Excited that his exceptionally talented brother, Maurice, is home from jail Alex immediately brings him in for the ride.

When FitzGlobal Entertainment offers to take Alex to the next level, he finds the offer and it’s “packaging” hard to resist. Mean while, Maurice begins to reveal his demons that ultimately leads him to a bitter end. Alex soon finds himself trapped in a web of lust and greed that nearly destroy his family. Through his own conviction Alex has several visits into his ancestral past, touching the mistreatment and force adultery of slaves. Using men for the purpose of reproducing babies for future workers.

Armed with new insight, his faith and a strong black woman, Alex comes to realize the price of true success requires a strength found in the ROOTZ of who we are.

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